3D printing technology will help create hypersonic weapons and vehicles for the military

The Pentagon intends to use a technological process known as “additive manufacturing” in order to create hypersonic systems and vehicles, writes

It is known that the US Department of Defense plans to increase hypersonic capabilities in fiscal year 2023, in this regard, there is a need to strengthen the industrial base and ensure the transition from programs to production. An initiative called Growing Additive Manufacturing Maturity for Airbreath Hypersonics (GAMMA-H) will explore new materials and technologies to create systems that move and maneuver at speeds above Mach 5 (6125 km/h).

The agency is asking for support from private companies and research institutes to help develop prototype devices capable of creating components for hypersonic missiles using additive manufacturing, or simply 3D printing. In addition to the devices themselves, you will also need software to automate all processes – from design to printing.

According to Keith DeVries, deputy director of the manufacturing technology program at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, this is theoretically possible, but it is necessary to provide a material base for putting ideas into practice. The GAMMA-H program should contribute to this.

Since the parts used to build hypersonic systems must function under extreme conditions, they require advanced specifications and materials that can withstand high temperatures and other mechanical stresses. Additive manufacturing techniques can help improve the quality of these parts and reduce the number of components needed to create military vehicles or weapons.


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