Amazing scientific discovery of 2022 — ship “Endurance”

The ship “Endurance” made an expedition to Antarctica in 1915. It was wrecked in the Weddell Sea, which is located between the Antarctic Peninsula and Coates Land. Fortunately, a team of 28 managed to survive. But the exact location where the ship sank remained unknown until 2022.

The conditions and terrain in which the crash occurred made the search for the Endurance much more difficult. The waters of the sea, densely covered with ice, did not allow the use of classical methods for detecting sunken ships. But the crew of a rescue expedition called Endurance22 applied new technology and found the ship. This was done with the help of autonomous underwater robots Sabertooths. They were equipped with laser scanners and sonars, as well as cameras that made it possible to monitor the progress of searches in real time.

When the wreck was found, the robots used scanning devices and created a 3D model of the wreck and the nearby wreck.


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