Angelica’s dress with Ukrainian symbol at the Cannes Film Festival

On May 28, after a two-week marathon, the 75th Cannes Film Festival came to an end.
The Cannes Film Festival is an annual event which gathers a lot of famous guests. During the festival, stars come to climb the red carpet steps, showcasing their finest costumes and dresses, which are often custom haute couture. After the cancellation of the Cannes Film Festival in 2020 due to the pandemic last year, Cannes returned in full force. This year, the guests are clearly ready to show the world what real fashion is again.

Designer and owner of the brand “Armoire” Angelica came to the Cannes Film Festival with the mission – to show the world what Ukrainian is.

Angelica shared in the special interview for L’Officiel Monaco that the Cannes Film Festival became a great opportunity to draw the attention of society to the events taking place in Ukraine.

That’s why she wore the dress hand-embroidered with patterns of the national coat of arms of Ukraine and impressed other guests.
To complement the look, the girl wore high heel shoes.


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