Apple restricts file sharing for anti-CCP protesters

The AirDrop service, which allows you to quickly share images, documents, videos between Apple devices, now works much slower, but not everywhere, but exclusively in China. In the recently released iOS 16.1.1, the time during which users can receive files from non-contacts is limited to 10 minutes, writes

Previously, there were no such restrictions and users could receive files from anyone, and not just from persons included in the contact list. This complicates the process of distributing content anonymously to different people, and even bypassing Chinese online censorship, the material says.

The media recalls the protests against the Communist Party of China and personally Xi Jinping, which took place against the backdrop of news of Xi’s re-election for a new term. In Hong Kong, protesters actively used AirDrop to coordinate their actions and put forward political demands. Now, after updating the OS, they will no longer be able to use the service as efficiently as before.

The American company did not explain why the update affected only Chinese users, but promised to implement the setting for all customers, without exception, as early as next year. According to the company, the idea is to “soften the sharing of unwanted files.”


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