“Chokehold”: Quentin Tarantino criticizes Marvel films

Quentin Tarantino shared his disdain for superhero films, criticizing the “chokehold” they have on the modern film industry.

The director compared the glut of superhero films – led by the multibillion-dollar Marvel franchise – to the studio musical boom of the 1960s. Recalling how early Hollywood writers rejoiced when the studio musical went into decline, Tarantino said that modern filmmakers “can’t wait for the day they can say the same for superhero movies.”

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Tarantino stated, “The analogy works because it’s like a choke hold.” However, he mentioned that the end of this genre is not yet in sight.

Tarantino said, “It’s not all lost, like it was in 1969 when it was like, ‘Oh my god, we just invested a lot of money in something that no one else cares about.’

The director was then asked why he didn’t direct the Marvel movie himself, despite the fact that a number of respected filmmakers including Ryan Coogler, Chloe Zhao and Sam Raimi have worked on them in the past. “You have to be an employee to do these things,” Tarantino said. “I am not an employee. I’m not looking for a job.”


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