Cost of brand new iPhone 14 collapsed by $ 250: where it is sold at a discount

The cost of the new iPhone 14 Plus in China has plummeted by about $250 due to low demand. This was reported on October 20 by the Chinese edition of MyDrivers.

Many expected the iPhone 14 Plus to be the most popular product in the series due to its lower price and larger screen size than the iPhone 14 Pro, however, many consumers were not satisfied with the performance. Three weeks after the release, some suppliers are offering the iPhone 14 Plus with 128GB of RAM for 5850 yuan ($809), 256GB for 6800 yuan ($941), 512GB for 7870 yuan ($1089).

It is worth noting that on the official Apple website, the cost of the model starts at $899. In China, taking into account shipping and duties, the National Bank set the official cost of the iPhone 14 Plus at 6999 yuan ($968.5) for the 128GB version, 7899 yuan ($1093.14) for the 256GB version and 9699 ($1342) yuan for 512 GB version.

That is, small local stores dropped the price by $150-$250 in the hope of attracting customers. Meanwhile, China Unicom JD, the largest and most popular online retailer, has promised to give away coupons for the purchase of iPhone 14 Plus ranging from 1,000 ($138) to 4,000 yuan ($553), and the price will drop to 5,999 yuan ($830), as the first official distributor.


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