Duarte Miguel Freitas: People are the foundation of every company

More and more company owners agree that the main pillar of a company’s success is its employees. Duarte Miguel Freitas, CEO of Anturio, does not doubt this either. 

We talked with Duarte about his work, further plans, and personal life. 

Duarte, hi. To begin with, tell us about your company «‎Anturio».

Hello, thanks for inviting me. 

Our company «‎Anturio» was formed in 2009. Now we have 9 offices across Portugal and also work in Spain, Mozambique, and Angola. 

«‎Anturio» is a software company. It specializes in information technology and provides services in the field of consulting, development and implementation of management software. Our main activities are the installation and implementation of ERP, which basically is the core of every company. We also work in such areas as Warehouse management system and Human capital management. 

Our company has a solid position in the market. We have been growing and becoming more and more popular all over the world.

How do you see the future of  «‎Anturio»?

During the last 2 years, we have been preparing a new area to strengthen the internationalization of our company called «‎Anturio Systems». It specializes in consulting and digital transformation in four areas of activity: Industry and Production, Distribution, Construction and IT. This new business unit will help mid-sized companies achieve digital transformation through business processes with specialized and knowledgeable professionals in each of the areas. The main focus will be on the client. 

Now this is our main focus, so the strategy will be a phased approach to the market, starting with construction, then moving on to distribution, and then to production and IT. We also plan to double our size in the next two years.

This is how I see the future of «‎Anturio».

You have a team working in different countries that you have investments in, how is your relationship with your team?

I truly believe that people are the foundation of every company. 

Employees should always come first because when they are happy, they will treat our customers in the best possible way. Therefore, happiness in our company was and remains a priority. «‎Anturio» has a communications and HR team dedicated to happiness in the company, growth and development of other teams.

Regardless of where the employee works — remotely or in the office, they should always feel like a part of the team. We support team communication, organize joint video calls, create corporate parties, and constantly communicate in the internal social network.

Our success depends on everyone, so I am convinced that we must help every employee to develop continuously.

Your success makes you a place of admiration, pride and role models for entrepreneurs. What are the tips that you can advise them to rely on in order to achieve success?

One thing we learn very quickly is that we cannot do everything alone. Time is limited. You need to focus on being a facilitator and connecting the dots.  To scale, you need to learn how to delegate.
Also, I advise every entrepreneur to always strive for bigger achievements. 

Tell us about the personal aspect of Duarte’s life.

I am from Madeira. When I was 17, I went to college in Lisbon where I received technical training in software and computer engineering and then earned a master’s degree in computer science. Shortly thereafter, I received an MBA from Universidade Católica Portuguesa. I did all of that till I was 23. I was really young then.

I worked as a project manager at Siemens, then as a program manager at Nokia. Then I decided to apply all the knowledge I had by creating my own company — «‎Anturio».

As for my personal life, my girlfriend and I are going to get married this year. I am very excited. I am sure that it is just the beginning of our new adventures.

What is the big dream you want to achieve?

I always dream big. I am sure that dreaming big serves as a resource of great ideas for business and it motivates us to put more effort into what we are doing.

One of my desires is to scale up operations in the software. I would like to expand to other areas with our background in technology. It is always very exciting and challenging to start something new, to be a part of a new project so I am looking forward to bringing all the ideas to life. 


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