Elon Musk is worried that Seoul could lose half of its population

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is worried that Seoul could lose half of its population.

According to The Street, Musk’s personality extends far beyond the business community. He intervenes in matters that affect the planet, regardless of the countries in which they are located.

Musk, who has nearly 105 million followers on Twitter, warned of the continued decline in South Korea’s population. According to him, Seoul could lose half of its population.

It all started with a tweet by Italian cybersecurity researcher Andrea Stroppa, mentioning the South Korean government’s decision to give every family with a newborn a monthly allowance of 1 million won (about $700) as part of its latest initiative to encourage higher birth rates, which has reached the most lowest level in the world.

“Interesting move,” Stroppa wrote, commenting on a Bloomberg article on the matter.

Musk reacted immediately. “This is important,” said the richest man in the world. “South Korea is currently tracking the loss of roughly half of its population in about every generation. Long life expectancy masks the dire nature of the problem.”

Stroppa questioned the results of the bailout, noting that similar initiatives had little impact in other countries.


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