Elvira Gavrilova’s Pro Ukraine Project Takes Center Stage

Natalia Bondarchuk on the cover of the first edition Pro Ukraine magazine

Elvira Gavrilova, the visionary behind the Pro Ukraine project, shares her deep connection to her Ukrainian roots despite residing in Portugal for over 15 years. Her passion for promoting Ukrainian culture, cuisine, brands, and fashion materialized in the Pro Ukraine magazine. The regret she expresses is not having initiated the project sooner, but the onset of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine ignited her determination.

Pro Ukraine, more than just a magazine, boasts a print circulation of 10,000 copies distributed across Europe, and parts of America, and even penetrating the Arab market. Sections cover Ukraine’s history, culture, fashion, business, IT technologies, investments, startups, cinema, show business, and a special focus on the delectable Ukrainian cuisine, deemed by Elvira as the most delicious.

Elvira Gavrilova — the editor-in-chief of Pro Ukraine magazine

Elvira Gavrilova’s Multifaceted Achievements

Elvira Gavrilova, with over a decade’s experience in international publishing, is the founder of the Pro Ukraine project. Her successful track record includes projects like Money+, Fostylen, and Business ML. She also owns Elledgy Media Group, an international advertising company with expertise in concierge services for world-class events and galas.

Beyond her publishing and business endeavors, Elvira actively engages in charity work. Ukrainians for Ukraine, one of her projects, has organized successful charity events in Greece, Portugal, Austria, and Ukraine, raising over 7 million UAH. Not only an influential blogger with millions of followers but Elvira is also involved in film production, with one of her latest projects starring Eric Roberts making it to the Cannes Film Festival.

Elvira gives an interview to 1+1 at the Ukrainians for Ukraine charity event
Elvira Gavrilova with Yuriy Gorbunov during a charity event

From Vision to Reality: Pro Ukraine Magazine’s Impact

Pro Ukraine, according to Elvira, is her soul. While it encompasses a magazine, it transcends into a charitable effort to aid Ukraine. Charity evenings like “Ukrainians for Ukraine” now fall under the Pro Ukraine umbrella. Elvira extends support to young Ukrainian entrepreneurs, offering free PR and advertising assistance for their charitable projects.

Plans are in motion to introduce the Top 50 Ukrainian Businesses award at the Cannes Film Festival, acknowledging entrepreneurs gaining fame not only in Ukraine but internationally. The Pro Ukraine team actively seeks new ideas to support Ukraine and its entrepreneurs.

Elvira Gavrilova with Jamala and the Aviator band on charity evening Ukrainians for Ukraine

Pro Ukraine’s Grand Introduction

The inaugural edition of Pro Ukraine was presented during the 6th Ukrainians for Ukraine charity event in Kyiv, raising over UAH 2 million for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and displaced children. The cover features Natalia Bondarchuk, Elvira’s colleague and a prominent public figure supporting Ukrainian youth through initiatives like the First Step Festival.

A lot raffled off at a charity event where Pro Ukraine magazine was presented – a Ukrainian flag signed by Valeriy Zaluzhny

The “Pro Heroes” section features an exclusive interview with Kolya Serga, a participant in the Cultural Forces project fostering cultural exchange with the military along the front line. Additionally, there are interviews with partners like the Volunteer Battalion Charitable Foundation, known for providing non-lethal means to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression.

A lot raffled off at a charity event where Pro Ukraine magazine was presented – a T-shirt signed by President Zelenskyy

Vision for the Future

Elvira’s plans for Pro Ukraine include expanding the charity project, supporting Ukrainian businesses, and establishing the prestigious Top 50 Ukrainian Businesses award. These initiatives aim to significantly contribute to Ukrainian business development and showcase Ukrainian culture globally.


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