EU will allocate more than 500 billion euros for the restoration of Ukraine

Ukraine is planning to unveil a large-scale reconstruction plan for the country at a donor conference July 3-4 in the Swiss city of Lugano.

According to journalists, this is a document of about two thousand pages, which can attract hundreds of billions of dollars. It includes a wide list of projects in the field of infrastructure, security, diversification of energy resources, digital economy, and combating climate change.

In preparing the plan, the Ukrainian government cooperated with donors, including the EU. They should provide their feedback in the coming months, anonymous sources told the publication.

At the moment, the European Commission, as the executive body of the EU, is studying various options for financing the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Among other things, grants and loans are considered. One possibility is joint borrowing in the markets, which is similar to the mechanism for raising funds for the EU fund for the recovery of European countries after the pandemic.

There is still no detailed information about this, and officials try not to publicly assess the situation while the war is going on.

However, it is expected that the European Union can provide more than 500 billion euros for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the end of hostilities in the country.


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