Five signs that Kate Middleton and Prince William may be breaking up

Hints that not everything is going smoothly between the Cambridges periodically slip in the media.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are considered an exemplary couple. Their relationship has been under the gun of the media for many years, and therefore any hint of some changes immediately becomes a sensation. Recently, more and more sources in the press have hinted that not everything is going smoothly between Kate and William. While journalists are in no hurry to draw conclusions, however, there are several points that indicate that there may be problems in the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Fatal date

In April 2022, Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary. As you know, the parents of the future king – Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana – broke up after 11 years of marriage. That is why royal biographers see in this figure a special fatal meaning, a certain milestone. The Welsh, however, took four years to officially divorce, but their marriage fell apart precisely in the 12th year of their marriage. But there are other examples of royal couples who broke up after ten or more years of married life. Among them are Peter and Autumn Phillips – they separated after 12 years of marriage, Princess Anne and Mark Phillips – after 19 years, and Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones – after 17 years of marriage.

Love on the side

Details about the Cambridge marriage and the personal lives of the royals in general are being kept under wraps. It is this mystery that periodically causes rumors about the “new mistress” of Prince William. This time, the media wrote that the prince allegedly found a woman on the side who allows him much more than Kate. There is no confirmation of such information, but rumors do not appear out of the blue.

As you know, Prince William has one special feature that Kate Middleton may not like – he is very loving and, in his youth, “stared” at other women, even when he met Kate. In addition, being married, Prince William got into scandals. So, for example, in 2017, the future king decided that he was too tired of family worries, and went with friends to a ski resort in Switzerland. Later, The Sun published details of the bachelor party, at which Prince William danced in a bar in the company of girls.

Without ring

Shortly after rumors surfaced that Prince William had an interest on the side, the Duchess of Cambridge went out without the engagement ring previously owned by Princess Diana. Fans were very excited about this fact. It was strange for them to see Kate in the company of her husband and daughter, but without the famous sapphire on her ring finger, which she rarely takes off without a special reason.


Kate Middleton often faces criticism, and the royal is probably upset that she is scolded for pranks by children, and not Prince William. It was Kate who got the most from fans for the behavior of Prince Louis during the Platinum Jubilee of the reign of Elizabeth II. So it is not surprising if the Duchess of Cambridge, like Princess Diana, would like to disappear from public view at least for a while. But this is impossible as long as you remain the wife of the future king.

Mistakes of the past

Prince William is often reminded of all the sins of the past. From time to time, the names of his potential lovers pop up in the press, with whom something connected him. More often than others, journalists mention the Marquis of Chumley. Kate Middleton is also sometimes credited with a close relationship with her friend Ben Ainsley. Some believe that they are connected by something more than just friendship. Periodically, they attend events together where William is absent. However, there is no evidence of this yet.


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