How to gather career like-minded people around you

If it seems to you that you are not understood at all at work, and in order to achieve maximum results, you need to take on everything yourself, you probably would need like-minded people. And these, of course, are not just those who rush to carry out your instructions unconditionally, but rather they are able to capture working moods without words and turn them into concrete results.


There are many talented people, much less efficient and responsible people. If you are really tired of pulling everything on yourself, then the time has come to delegate authority. Here it is advisable to look specifically at professional qualities, even the most eloquent and cordial colleague will eventually lose to someone who is able to invest in the process. Of course, to be able to sell yourself and not bother another day in your life is a brilliant ability, but not for a future like-minded person.

Success and experience

Do not be afraid to gather more experienced people around you, unless, of course, they are endowed with an imperial character. Positive results already achieved and a more coherent career path do not mean at all that a person will not be interested in your ideas and plans. If there is a good opportunity not to step on other people’s rake, it should be used. Here you should show your ambition and entrepreneurial qualities. Offer your future partner something that he may not have thought about. New areas of application of his knowledge, an original position in the company and so on.


Hot business can only be found where a fixed monthly salary is not given for this business. Sign up for courses, participate in the accelerator, master workshops – there you will be met by a whole scattering of specialists who are in love with their work and are ready to develop in it. It is also a great environment for the manifestation of leadership qualities. First, lead the study group, take a closer look and test your communication style with colleagues, then you can transfer both the experience gained and the assembled company to a real working project.


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