In Davos, millionaires demand to impose new taxes on them

A group of millionaires demanded that the world leaders who came to the Davos Economic Forum impose new taxes on them in order to reduce global inequality.

“Our governments are still doing nothing to overcome glaring inequalities. Instead, they are meeting behind closed doors, participating in an exhibition of private wealth. This year, another quarter of a billion people will find themselves in extreme poverty. It’s time to balance the world. It’s time to tax rich,” said Marlene Engelhorn, one of the protesting millionaires.

The action was organized by members of the Patriotic Millionaires group. The group first met in the US in 2010 to demand the repeal of tax breaks for the wealthy introduced by former US President George W. Bush. Since then, more than 200 wealthy people have joined the organization. Millionaires advocate, among other things, raising the minimum wage and improving the progressive tax scale.

The traditional economic forum in Davos, Switzerland opened on May 22, 2022. More than two thousand people will take part in the sessions – representatives of political and business elites, including leaders of states, will speak.


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