Invented lithium-air battery with a record energy density – more than 500 Wh / kg

The battery is planned to be installed on electric aircraft and electric cars, which will increase the range and reduce the weight of vehicles.

A team of researchers from the Japan National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) has developed a lithium-air battery with a record energy density of over 500 watt-hours per kilogram. It has twice the energy density of the Tesla Model 3 battery and can be charged and discharged at room temperature. This is reported by Materials Horizons.

The energy density of the new battery is very high, the media notes, which means that such a battery could well be produced on an industrial scale and used for a variety of devices – from smartphones to electric passenger aircraft.

“The lithium-air battery generates electricity by oxidizing lithium at the anode and reducing oxygen at the cathode. It may someday become the best rechargeable battery: it is lightweight and has a large capacity, and the potential energy density is many times higher than conventional lithium -ion ​​batteries, which gives it an advantage. In the future, it can be installed on drones, electric vehicles and any household energy storage systems.

However, to date, only a few models of lithium-air batteries can be called “successful projects”, since a significant part of lithium-air batteries contain heavy components that are not directly involved in the processes of their work. The Japanese development team solved this problem by using materials that can significantly improve the performance of lithium-air batteries. Scientists say they have managed to upgrade the device.


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