Kanye West decided to build mini-cities named after himself

American rapper billionaire Kanye West, who was canceled by fashion houses, and now there is a danger that music labels will be canceled due to his anti-Semitism, decided to build his own mini-cities with Yecosystem-branded houses and grocery stores throughout the United States, according to Rolling Stone .

Plans to build Yecosystem cities have been in the making for years, and the first community could be unveiled next month.

According to reporters, West has filed a number of trademark applications under the Yecosystem name, including design services for homes, residential buildings and retail stores, as well as a charity fundraiser, a public relations department and a range of food products.

“He’s trying to do things that people couldn’t even think of, and he’s trying to bring it to life. He comes from a good place. His goal is definitely that everything that people touch is good and has a positive impact on peace,” the source said. The rapper wants to register the brands “Yeezyverse”, “Yzyverse” and “Yxyverse”.

“The way these series of trademark applications were filed is very similar to how you would file trademark applications to protect this idea of ​​creating this type of community,” trademark attorney Josh Gerben told the resource.


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