KSENIASCHNAIDER and Adidas Originals Unveil a Bold Collaboration

In a significant collaboration, Adidas Originals has partnered with the Ukrainian fashion brand KSENIASCHNAIDER to present a daring collection. This collaboration marks a major step for the Ukrainian fashion industry, opening up new opportunities in the global market. The collection, which reimagines Adidas’ signature style through the unique design philosophy of KSENIASCHNAIDER, is set to make waves worldwide.

Distinctive Features of the Collection

The joint collection seamlessly merges KSENIASCHNAIDER’s distinctive “design without design” approach with Adidas’ iconic codes. Denim takes center stage, featuring jeans, jackets, and dresses with frayed edges, oversized cuts, and idiosyncratic details. Additionally, the collection introduces innovative interpretations of classic Adidas elements, such as adiColor tracksuits with a striking patchwork design.

The footwear selection presents a fresh perspective on iconic sneakers like adi2000, Forum Mid, and Superstar. The accessories line transforms black denim into unexpected silhouettes, complemented by fluorescent yellow spikes reminiscent of football cleats.

Philosophy Born from Collaboration

KSENIASCHNAIDER’s founder, Ukrainian designer Ksenia Schneider, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the incorporation of signature elements from both brands. The collection includes “easter eggs,” showcasing an ironic approach that defines the essence of both brands.

The collaboration signifies a breakthrough for the Ukrainian fashion industry, proving that local brands can successfully collaborate with global giants. The collection has already received positive reviews worldwide, with impressive sales results since its launch on July 1st. In Ukraine, where the collection became available on September 1st, the response has been extraordinary, especially for the sneakers, bags, pants, and jeans that quickly flew off the shelves.

Noteworthy Advertising Campaign

Judo champion Daria Bilodid was chosen as the face of the Adidas X KSENIASCHNAIDER campaign. The decision was made collaboratively with the Ukrainian branch of Adidas, aiming to showcase the collection’s universality and urban charm. Bilodid’s energetic and sporty Ukrainian persona perfectly aligns with the ethos of the collection.

Having achieved success with the Adidas collaboration, Ksenia Schneider looks ahead to future collaborations with other global brands. While specific details remain confidential, Schneider’s intent to push the boundaries in the fashion industry is evident.

The Adidas Originals x KSENIASCHNAIDER collaboration stands as a significant milestone for Ukrainian fashion, demonstrating its global potential. The collection seamlessly blends Ukrainian creativity with Adidas’ iconic style, creating a unique and desirable lineup that resonates globally. As KSENIASCHNAIDER continues to make waves, this collaboration sets a precedent for future partnerships between Ukrainian designers and international fashion giants.


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