Luis Henrique Perez about business, social and private life

Luis Henrique Perez was born in Badajoz, on February 14 in 1988. Since childhood, he has always loved business and sports as well as horses and equestrian sports.

He was a sub champion of the Iberica cup, both in Spain and Portugal, as well as a sub champion in Extremadura for three years. Luis has also competed in national and international horse races. He is the winner of national and international equestrian competitions.

When he was eighteen, he moved to Madrid to study law at the university, getting excellent scores. At the same time, he gets interested in politics as well. Thereby, he became a delegate of the youth of the Spanish popular party, participating in important meetings with well-known Spanish politicians. Besides, he studied a master’s degree in verbal courtesy, negotiation, and protocol.

Later, he started to work in the law office of Zurbano, Caracas. Then, he decided to go to another job in the commercial registry, which is part of the Spanish Ministry of Justice. There, he was able to make use of all his knowledge in law.

Later, he opened a carwash business in Portugal, which was a real success. By that time, he was part of the Portuguese jet set.

Luis Henrique shares his free time with influential people like nobles, actors, actresses, singers, people of business, etc. Luis is a very open-hearted person, and the Portuguese media just love him. That’s why, being a socialite, he often appears on the covers of newspapers and magazines, is invited to TV programs and other important meetings in the country.

Luis, looking at you, one might think that you are a Spanish duke – so stately and stylish. Do you have noble roots? Tell us about your family, where does your love for expensive suits and luxury come from?

I can get everything I want because I refuse to sleep to be with my family, who are the most important treasure for me. I don’t have noble roots, but such people surround me. That is the lifestyle I love and want to adhere to.

I go from Spain to Portugal to work many times in the same day. I love social life, and I really believe that people must work to live and not live to work. 

Your range of interests and employment is so diverse: advocacy, a network of car washes, social life! How do you manage to combine such different types of activities?

I love being with people and making good relationships with them. I believe that all people may share and enrich us with their human knowledge.

Which of the above do you like more and why?

I like all my activities. Yes, they do take much of my time. So there’s the only way out –to sleep less.

We know that you are doing business in the two countries. Spain is your native country. Why did you choose Portugal?

I chose to work in Portugal because it is very close to Spain, because of its lovely weather, and because Portuguese people are very kind and polite. As I’ve already said, I travel between these two countries there and back many times during one day. So I wouldn’t be able to do it with Greece, for example.

Are you planning to expand your activities to other European countries?

I think it’s not the right time, as I’m doing pretty well now. I wanted, but I wouldn’t like to open a car wash in the Madeira islands at the moment.

Fortunately, I am very well with my job now against the background of the impeachments, changes of forces, and the destruction and creation of new businesses.

The pandemic has hit all areas of activity on the sly. Nobody expected such a protracted and such a large-scale crisis. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business?

Yes, it was a hard time for most businesses in Portugal. My car washes worked as people always want their cars to shine. But what I really missed in quarantine was a social life. All the restaurants and favorite cafés were closed. All my friends adhered to strict quarantine and stayed home. I tried to get outside as little as possible, but the business demanded some trips.

You’ve probably traveled all over Europe. Where and why do you like it the most? Where do you usually spend your vacation? Which country do you dream to visit?

I am lucky to have traveled almost through the whole of Europe. I love the luxury in Paris, to have a stroll along Venetian streets or to have dinner in Harry’s bar, listening to the piano; or to have a Campari at Paolo’s square. These are the places I love the most. Besides, I adore going to the opera in Vienna or visiting the carnival in Venice or having a bath in Iceland. That’s the top and wonderful life in Europe.

I would really like to visit Ukraine because it is a country that I’ve never been to. I have many Ukrainian friends who are just good people and all have big and open hearts.


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