Marketing in a startup: 3 key people without whom the project will not take off

56.9% of startups have a marketing team. Usually, in the early stages of the formation of a company, almost all responsibilities are combined by the CEO. Over time, the CEO cannot bear all the functions, and then you need to look for people in your team who will work on a startup with you.

When opening a startup, a lot of attention should be paid to the marketing team. In a start-up business, there can be either two people or ten. Of course, you can work alone, but the efficiency of work will depend on this: the likelihood of errors and quick burnout will be higher.

So, what kind of employees must be in the project to bring success to the company?

Marketing director

At the beginning of the company’s development, he plays the role of a marketer rather than a director, then the priority of the roles changes places.

His list of tasks includes:

Organization and coordination of the marketing department;

Generation of ideas;

Drawing up a business plan;

Analysis of promising directions for the development of the project.

Product manager

According to the survey, 55% of product managers prefer to work in small or medium-sized enterprises due to their flexibility and willingness to try new things. The role of product manager can be taken by the founder or CEO. This employee must know everything about the product that customers will use. According to statistics, 60% of product managers have basic analytics skills that allow them to dive into indicators without relying on specialists in this field. This is good for startups where there is not much money to support a large team.

Tasks of the product manager:

Allocation of technical team resources;

Assignment of technical tasks;

Company performance tracking.


Now it is difficult to promote a brand without mastering the online format, so it is important to take care of placing a business online. In addition, a nice design provides 75% confidence in the company’s website.

At the first stages, the role of the designer is quite flexible – he is responsible for:

Packaging of the product itself;

Creation of advertising design of the company, goods and services.


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