Meta challenged Reels authors

Challenges social network has launched a program to monetize video content copyright Meta updated promotions authors Reels system.

“We adjust the method of calculating payments to reward authors with different sizes of audience that create high-quality original content that match people (which can lead to a change in payment for some authors),” – said in a statement. The platform is also launching a way to stimulate the authors of “Challenges» (Challenges) on Facebook within Reels Play program. Bloggers participants will have the opportunity to earn up to $ 4 thousand. Per month. Here’s how the “challenge”: Each month, the authors can participate in a series of sequential storage tests. For example, a blogger can get $ 20 if his five videos will gather a hundred plays. New jobs are opened after the old. For example, after the success of the five videos, the author will have to achieve 500 views 20 commercials, for which he received $ 100. At the beginning of each 30-day bonus period progress authors in the tests will be reset to the starting position. Social network and increase the number of authors whose content appears on top of overlay ads. And Instagram bloggers can publish their videos on Facebook, which will give them the opportunity to share clips with your subscribers on both platforms and get your share of the revenue from the overlay advertising.


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