Meta denies that Mark Zuckerberg is going to leave the company in 2023

Andy Stone, a spokesman for Meta, called false information that the head of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, is going to leave his post in 2023. One of the resources said that Zuckerberg plans to leave the company, whose shares have risen in price by 1% as a result.

Earlier, The Leak published an article in which, citing its own sources, it said that the CEO of Meta * will leave his post next year. This decision was called “justified” by the journalists of the publication, because the company spends billions of dollars on the metaverse project and suffers serious setbacks in the social network sector for itself. Investors are very confused by the new course of the company, whose shares have fallen 70% this year.

Despite all this, The Leak sources assured that the departure of Mr. Zuckerberg “will not affect the metaverse.” Investors really took the information about the departure of the head of Meta * positively: the company’s shares briefly went up and rose by 1%, reports Reuters. However, a spokesman for the social media giant, Andy Stone, denied that Zuckerberg was planning to leave his post, tweeting a brief “That’s not true.”


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