Not Google Alone: Which Countries Are Most Dependent on the Internet?

Let’s collectively admit that it’s hard to live without the Internet. Where else can you see the latest memes, schedule a meeting with friends, or read this news? And while the weekly summary of time spent on the phone is skyrocketing, one question always remains: which countries are really addicted to surfing the Web enough to trust it with all their secrets?

According to a study by NordVPN, China, and Hong Kong in particular, took the lead, with an average citizen spending 44 years on the Web in their lifetime. In addition, residents were also the most trusting: about 60% of users can share confidential information on third-party sites.

The second place was taken by Brazil, where residents spend only 41 years at the blue screen. Rounding out the top five are Taiwan and South Korea, while Japan has become the country with minimal Internet dependence.

The study also showed where countries spend more time: China is very fond of shopping, Brazil is the most watched movie or TV series, but short videos are better viewed in South Korea.


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