Pedro Martins: Nothing is impossible to achieve

Pedro Martins is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PSG Segurança Privada, one
of the most recognized players in the private security sector in Portugal.

How does the security industry in Europe generally feel today?

I believe that the security sector is increasing its importance throughout Europe,
especially for maintaining public order in many countries. At the moment, private
security is already performing functions that were performed by military or militarized
forces, such as guarding prisons or many public ministries. Current times have made it
evident that the use of private security is escalating.

As we know, you have a private security company – PSG. Could you specify what
kind of services and work in the field of security your company provides?

PSG is currently one of the biggest players in Portugal, with a strong presence in the
national territory. We put ourselves in the field of human surveillance (security of
people and goods, sports venues or shows, nightlife spaces or other small, medium
and large-scale events) and increasingly in the area of technology/electronics (video
surveillance, detection of intrusion, remote video concierges, among other solutions).
We are prepared with a well-trained team and the most advanced electronic solutions.

How do you attract such a huge number of customers? What is your competitive

In my opinion, our growth is due to the fact that our quality of work is associated
with a great investment in human resources. We always want the best professionals in
the sector working with us at PSG Segurança Privada. This level of excellence attracts
good results and, therefore, we have satisfied customers and great prospects in the
market. Our competitive ability is an obvious result of our investment in a
multifaceted, professional and focused team.

PSG pays a lot of attention to the training of personnel. Tell us more about it.

Since the first day, PSG has invested to a great extent in continuous training, where we
even have a specific formation and training company in the group. Any company that
doesn’t invest in continuous training can’t not achieve great success, I believe.

What is your company truly proud of and what are your development plans for the

What I’m most proud of at PSG Segurança Privada is the fact that we have been in the
market since 2007 and at the moment we can say that we are a reference in private
security in Portugal. For the future, I predict that it will continue to be bright because
with the team we have, nothing is impossible to achieve.

Has the war in Ukraine affected your business?

Interestingly, the war in Ukraine, in terms of business, did not affect us – on the
contrary. Due to the influx of refugees who came to our country, we were contracted
to various shelter centers. However, I want to say that I would prefer not to be… I
consider this war unacceptable in the 21st century!


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