Prince Harry explains why he wrote his memoir

Prince Harry spoke in an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph, for which he wrote the memoir Spare (“Spare”), and admitted that in the process of working on them, he cut the original material in half.

“The first draft was 800 pages, but the text was cut to 400. Let’s just say it could have been two books,” said the youngest son of King Charles III, provoking rumors that he might publish a second volume of memoirs in the future.

However, this is unlikely, since Prince Harry had reasons to cut certain pieces from the draft that revealed the details of his relationship with Charles III and Prince William. The Duke of Sussex explained that if he had allowed them to be published, then his father and brother would never have forgiven him. He noted that he called the ghostwriter on Zoom dozens of times to discuss the final draft of the manuscript.

Prince Harry said that he took up the work on the memoirs not to destroy the British monarchy, but to help the institution develop. In other words, he wanted to save his relatives “from themselves.” One of the key arguments in favor of writing the book was Harry’s desire to pave the way for other “spares”, namely the younger children of Prince William and Kate Middleton, so that they can find their own path, despite the obligations to the family.


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