Prince Harry to revise his memoir after the Queen’s death

Prince Harry, 38, has put his $40 million memoir on hold following the funeral of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. He fears that the earlier information “may not be well received” after her death, and decided to soften it a little, according to The Mail on Sunday.

The memoir, which observers say could harm the British monarchy, has been signed and ready for release in the fall, but the Duke has now asked for some significant changes. His request can be seen as a sign that he is ready to take a more conciliatory stance towards the rest of the royal family, but it could also create serious problems for his publishers.

“Harry has given up on work. He craves sophistication in light of the death of the queen, her funeral and the accession to the throne of his father Charles … There may be things in the book that might not look so good if they came out so soon after these events. He wants the sections to be changed now. This is by no means a complete overhaul. He desperately wants to make changes. But it may be too late,” the insider told reporters.

At the same time, he stressed that Harry did not have much room for maneuver, given the seven-figure advance he received.

Penguin Random House has already requested a rewrite of the book after the first draft was deemed “too touchy” and focused too much on mental health issues.

It also remains an open question whether Harry will revisit the sections in which he talks about his wife Meghan Markle. the fact is that recently the book “The Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown” by Valentine Lowe was published. where he made a number of scandalous revelations about the Duchess of Sussex. In particular, she complained about public events and visits, saying “I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this”, mocked the staff, bringing some to tears, and said that “it’s not my job to babysit people” but exes The Dukes’ staff continued to refer to themselves as the “Sussex Survivors Club” and described Meghan as a “narcissistic sociopath”.

Lowe writes that Harry feared he would “be redundant” when his nephew Prince George – second in line to the throne – turns 18, and six months before her engagement was announced with Harry, Meghan told a palace aide, “We both know that soon I will be one of your bosses.”

As for Harry’s memoirs, he began work on his own book last year, saying he would write “not like the prince he was born, but as the man he became.”


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