Private island with a castle and a herd of sheep put up for sale in Britain

In the UK, the private island of Vila, off the coast of Shetland, was put up for sale. The buyer will be able to escape from civilization and crowds of people. The island has everything for a secluded holiday: a watchtower, an ancient castle and dolphins swimming into the bay.

The cost of the island and all the buildings on it is 1.75 million pounds. The current owners, Richard Rowland and Dorota Richlick, have owned it for three decades. Here they celebrated their wedding a few years ago.

The island has a 17th century castle, a watchtower, a two-bedroom cottage, a three-bedroom farmhouse and a flock of 200 sheep.

Vila Island is located in the northernmost part of the UK, a very secluded region and to see the neighbors, you have to go by boat.


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