Qatar reconsiders investment in London, offended by rainbow ban

Qatar has begun reviewing investments in London after the city’s Department of Transport banned advertisements for tourist trips to Qatar from being placed on buses, taxis and underground in the British capital, Reutres reported. The scandal erupted due to the tough position of the Qatari authorities, which prohibits LGBT propaganda during the World Cup. “We see this as a message from the mayor that Qatari businesses are not welcome in London,” one of the officials who is running the investment review project told reporters. At the moment, Qatar is one of the main investors in London. He owns the most expensive and glamorous shopping center in the city – Harrods, the Shard skyscraper, the Savoy and Grosvenor House hotels, is a co-owner of the Canary Wharf business district, owns 20 percent of the shares of Heathrow Airport, which is one of the TOP 5 largest airports in the world, and 14 percent of the chain’s shares. Sainsbury’s Grocery Stores “Further regulation of advertising, which is likely to be allowed, will only be taken if football fans are not banned from supporting their teams,” London’s Department of Transport said in a statement.


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