Renowned beverage maker to release incredible $6 million supercar

Red Bull opens up a new field of activity – the automotive industry. In 2025, the first production model of the company will appear and it will immediately be a heavy-duty supercar RB17. The information was confirmed to the British edition of Autocar by the head of the Red Bull team in Formula 1, Christian Horner.

As you know, Red Bull has been involved in Formula 1 since 2005 and builds racing cars on its own. Now, the energy drink manufacturer has decided to involve the team’s specialists in the creation of a road supercar. The new Red Bull RB17 will appear in 2025 and will be a gift for the 20th anniversary of the team.

The development of the car will be led by the famous Adrian Newey, one of the best designers in the history of Formula 1. Christian Horner said he was given free rein.

Newey and Red Bull helped create the extreme Aston Martin Valkyrie, but the new supercar promises to be even crazier. Judging by the first renders, the coupe will be very streamlined.

In addition, the carbon fiber car will weigh only 900 kg. At the same time, its power will reach 1250 liters. pp.: Red Bull RB17 supercar will be equipped with a 1100 hp turbocharged V8. With. and a 150-horsepower electric motor. They also promise energy recovery technology KERS, as in Formula 1.

In total, only 50 Red Bull RB17 coupes will be produced. The hybrid supercar will cost $6.1 million.


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