Results of 2023 from Oksana Kukalova, a Ukrainian businesswoman in the United States

Oksana Kukalova is a Ukrainian business leader in the United States. She is the founder and director of the #Proesthetician brand, serving as a beauty ambassador and Beauty Expert of the new generation. With a licensed and highly educated background, she is a qualified professional in the field of cosmetology with extensive experience in the American market. In 2023, she was honored as the most successful Ukrainian Business Woman in the USA by Cosmo Lady Awards 2023.

“This year, we became partners with Biologique Recherche—the world’s best skincare brand known for its high-quality and concentrated formulations. We take pride in featuring their special massage and facial techniques at our clinic. Additionally, we actively collaborated with the DMK brand, a global industry leader, and won their DMK Muscle Banding Contest. We achieved ‘paramedical’ status for #Proesthetician, introducing new professional services in our clinic, such as laser hair removal and endosphere. Notably, we launched a new educational initiative called ‘Your Skin,’ a scientific and popular project. Now, we serve our clients and provide the best service and educate them on proper skincare”.

Oksana considers her most significant personal achievement to be the commencement of collaboration with Biologique Recherche. She confesses that their products are truly revolutionary, without exaggeration. 

“We didn’t even expect such serious results. Our clients are pleasantly shocked. In just two weeks of using this skincare line, the transformation of the skin is evident: breakouts diminish, pigmentation and post-acne marks lighten, and ‘signs of aging’ disappear. Well-cared-for skin appears ‘younger,’ literally radiating with health”.

Biologique Recherche skincare is her recommendation for this year. According to Kukalova, this brand is used by showbiz stars, top influencers, and Hollywood actors: 

“People who use Biologique Recherche can be easily spotted in a crowd because their skin glows”.

“A healthy and clear skin is a timeless trend; it will never go out of style and will maintain its popularity in 2024”, predicts the business lady. “The natural radiance of healthy skin without the use of makeup that hides imperfections and how to achieve it through skincare alone is what people are striving for now and will continue to seek in the coming year”.

On this note, #Proesthetician is already preparing a powerful project that will redefine the skincare concept, but Oksana cannot reveal all the secrets just yet. Next year, she plans to invest even more resources in education (both for her staff and clients) and skill enhancement because this is what stimulates new exciting ideas and business development.

“Launching the ‘Your Skin’ project, we have seen and felt incredible feedback from our clients. We realized that people don’t just want to buy a service or product; they are interested in delving deep with us and understanding the principles. Within this project, we teach how to properly care for the skin, understand its needs, and adjust the skincare routine according to the seasons. We even teach how to assemble and customize a personal skincare kit”, shares Oksana. “Overall, it all revolves around the idea of ‘self-love.’ We teach not just external care; one might say we educate people to pay more attention to themselves and their skin. And it works: our audience, in addition to valuable knowledge and skills, gets the bonus of a pleasant relaxed atmosphere, communication, and the opportunity to meet people. That’s why the ‘Your Skin’ project has quickly gained such popularity, with people signing up on a waiting list to participate”.

We also inquired if Oksana would like to create her cosmetic product in the future: “Certainly, I would like to create something unique, limited edition. A product that not only helps improve the skin but also has the potential to halt cell aging. I am constantly intrigued by innovations in the industry, and I believe that with the continuous development of technology, this is entirely possible”.

Having worked productively in 2023, Oksana Kukalova doesn’t forget about family vacations and curiously explores new American traditions: “We love Thanksgiving in America. It’s a family holiday, not Christmas. It resonated with us the most because it’s very familiar: the whole family gathers around one table, roasts a turkey, and gives thanks for everything they have. And on the next day, they usually set up a Christmas tree and decorate their homes.

We also like the tradition of ‘Elf on the Shelf.’ If there are kids in the house, elves fly to them on December 1st and watch their behavior, bringing gifts, tasks, and notes. At the end of the month, the elves report to Santa about what they’ve seen, and Santa brings gifts under the Christmas tree. By the way, the opening of gifts here is dedicated to a separate day, the second day after the holiday, called ‘Boxing Day.'”


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