Sean Penn returns to Kyiv to film a documentary

Oscar-winning actor and producer Sean Penn returned to Kyiv to continue filming a documentary about the war with Russia.

Sean Penn will visit Bucha and Irpen, which were occupied by the Russian Armed Forces, talk to local residents who survived the occupation and see with his own eyes evidence of the atrocities of the Russian army.

After all, we recall that even now, when the burnt equipment has already been removed from the streets, rescuers continue to find mass graves with tortured and killed people.

This is not the first visit of Sean Penn to Ukraine, he already came last November and was in Kyiv when the war began.

He met with President Vladimir Zelensky shortly before the invasion of the Russian Armed Forces and was forced to leave.

From Ukraine, the Hollywood actor left through Poland with his team. On February 28, they left their car at the highway, like everyone who left Ukraine these days, and covered the last few kilometers on foot.


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