Luis Henrique Perez. The ambassador of solidarity causes

Luis Henrique Perez was born in Badajoz, on February 14 in 1988. Since childhood, he has always loved business and sports as well as horses and equestrian sports.

He was a sub champion of the Iberica cup, both in Spain and Portugal, as well as a sub champion in Extremadura for three years. Luis has also competed in national and international horse races. He is the winner of national and international equestrian competitions.

When he was eighteen, he moved to Madrid to study law at the university, getting excellent scores. At the same time, he gets interested in politics as well. Thereby, he became a delegate of the youth of the Spanish popular party, participating in important meetings with well-known Spanish politicians. Besides, he studied a master’s degree in verbal courtesy, negotiation, and protocol.

Later, he started to work in the law office of Zurbano, Caracas. Then, he decided to go to another job in the commercial registry, which is part of the Spanish Ministry of Justice. There, he was able to make use of all his knowledge in law.

Later, he opened a carwash business in Portugal, which was a real success. By that time, he was part of the Portuguese jet set.

Luis is also a famous European philanthropist who supports many organizations. Today we talked with him about charity, his attitude to it, and good deeds that change the world for better. 

Luis, what motives drive and should drive a person who can be called a true benefactor?

We should do things with the heart and in a disinterested and silent way. 

How did you come to charity, what was, perhaps, that turning point for you, after which the understanding that you should help people came?

Since I was little, I went with my father at Christmas to visit and help the homeless. Then when I started to grow up, I realized that I could help people in many ways, donating blood, collaborating to collect and raise funds for associations such as caritas, or collaborating and organizing benefit dances, where I am an ambassador. 

What do you think, do people have to advertise their charity work, making it a well-known fact, or is it a personal matter for each person?

It must be silent just like success. Life is fleeting. When we die, the only things that we carry are good deeds.

What do you think is needed for philanthropy to continue to develop?

I think it needs financial resources and support from institutions.

Luis, would you share with us some of the charitable projects you took part in?

Of course, I open my photo album and my heart, showing special moments and places where I was helping: the Bal de Le’te in Monte-Carlo, the flower dance in Estoril or the end of the year gala of the Ritz hotel, as well as other collaborations with the Portuguese league against cancer, with Red Cross, or food collection in shopping centers.


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