Yaroslava: “Every song of mine is a stroke of paint on the canvas of my life.”

Today, we’re diving into the world of creativity with the beautiful and talented Yaroslava – a singer, songwriter, and composer whose music touches the hearts of her listeners and transports us on thrilling emotional journeys.

How did your music career start in Vienna, and what challenges did you overcome in the process?

Starting my music career in Vienna was challenging. Despite being an international musician with a wide audience and fans worldwide, I had to reevaluate myself and find the right target audience here in Austria. Additionally, overcoming the language barrier was a significant challenge, but music knows no borders, and its language is understood in every corner of the globe. Of course, I expanded my repertoire with songs in English, as it is an international language, to have a closer connection with the local audience. Nevertheless, I want to convey my art in the language I think, so I can express my feelings and emotions as accurately as possible.

As for the general aspect, what moments or stories in your life have been a source of motivation for creating music?

Music for me is a means of expressing the deepest emotions. My parents noticed my musical talent early on, providing me with a way to share my feelings through music. The stories of my life, both personal and those of my friends and acquaintances, become sources of inspiration for creating music. Life is full of various shades and emotions, bright and sometimes sad. Therefore, music for me is a book of life, but in a musical embodiment.

How do you define your musical style, and how has it evolved over time?

My musical style is defined as pop music. It’s important to note that I am not just a singer — I am an instrumentalist, proficient in three instruments, and I write my lyrics and music. Over time, my musical style has evolved. In the beginning, my songs were more romantic, while in recent years, I have been creating more danceable, entertaining, and joyful tracks. Previously, my music was deeper in terms of lyrics, but over time, the songs have become simpler and lighter. This change is intentional: in today’s world, everything is becoming more complex, and my goal is to bring light and joy into the lives of listeners and to create music that helps us all to distract and enjoy the moment.

What significance do personal experiences and emotions have in your creative process?

Personal experiences and emotions play a fundamental role in my creativity – they are an integral part of my source of inspiration. My own emotions and experiences are key to creating music that sounds sincere and reflects deep human feelings.

I try to be open and honest with myself when I write music or lyrics. This allows me to express my true emotions and convey them through my music. Through my songs, I can share my joys, sorrows, love, and disappointments with the world, creating a deep connection with the audience.

Thanks to personal experiences and emotions, my music acquires depth and sincerity, touching the hearts of listeners and leaving a mark in their souls. Thus, my own life story becomes an important element of my creativity, contributing its unique input to every song or text I create.

How do you assess the role of women in contemporary art and music?

The role of women in contemporary art and music is immense. They bring unique perspectives, emotional depth, and creative passion to the world, making art even more diverse and exciting.

Women artists not only create amazing music, but they also serve as an inspiration to millions worldwide. Their emotional honesty, courage, and talent can transport listeners to other worlds and evoke the deepest feelings in them.

Thanks to well-known personalities and talented artists, women in art continue to play a key role, serving as symbols of beauty, strength, and emotional depth. Their influence extends far beyond the stage, inspiring other women and showing the world their uniqueness and strength.

With each passing year, more and more women in contemporary art and music continue to transform the world with their talent, passion, and unparalleled beauty. Their role is invaluable, and they continue to inspire and push forward millions of people — because beauty will save the world!


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