Technologies obsolete due to smartphones are listed

SlashGear journalists have listed technologies and devices that have become obsolete due to the advent of smartphones.

According to the authors, modern phones have influenced people’s lives, replacing many familiar gadgets. “The beauty and genius of a smartphone lies in its versatility,” experts said, noting that due to smartphones, landline telephones, walkie-talkies, and FM radio have practically fallen into disuse.

Among others, journalists listed pocket computers (PDAs), which were in demand before the advent of smartphones in the early 2000s. The PDA’s most iconic feature, the stylus, has been replaced by the oldest pointing device in history: the human finger. In addition, people stopped using MP3 players, GPS navigators, buying CDs and portable cameras.

Experts also noted that a large number of users have abandoned traditional alarm clocks and calculators. “Even if you have a calculator somewhere in your desk drawer, why take it out when everyone has a pocket calculator in the form of a smartphone?” – the article says.


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