Tesla fined $2.2 million for false advertising

The Korean Fair Trade Commission fined Tesla $2.2 million for false advertising. The automaker is overstating the range of its electric vehicles, she said. This was reported on the Electrek website.

The Korean Fair Trade Commission launched an investigation into the compliance of the declared characteristics of Tesla electric vehicles with real indicators back in 2021. Then the experts found that the company’s cars pass on one charge much less in cold weather.

South Korea uses the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Testing Procedure (WLTP). Tesla uses the same procedure in most markets other than North America, where it claims EPA-rated range.

The Korean Fair Trade Commission has announced that it is fining Tesla 2.85 billion won ($2.2 million) for failing to state that the range of their electric vehicles could be reduced in cold weather. Following this decision, the company added a fine print explanation to its website.

“Performance and mileage may vary by model. Displayed range may vary depending on external factors such as speed, weather and road conditions,” says Tesla’s website.


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