Tesla unveils new energy storage — the largest in Europe

Tesla Energy has unveiled the largest energy storage Megapack in continental Europe, located in Belgium. The company posted the details on Twitter.

The plant in Lessines, deployed by the Deux-Acren project, consists of 40 Megapack units with a total capacity of 100 MWh and a power of 50 MW. The technology allows energy companies to make better use of renewable energy sources such as solar and stabilize the grid. The Tesla storage is intended to replace a World War II-era turbojet generator that has provided the city with continuous power since the 1950s.

According to the Electrek website, Tesla has been rapidly growing its energy business lately, receiving a large number of orders for Megapack. Last quarter, the company deployed a record-high battery capacity (2.1 GWh), mainly driven by Megapack production.

Tesla is currently producing 42 Megapacks a week and is expected to break the record again soon with a factory that can handle even more orders. Tesla has also ramped up production of its Powerwall home batteries, further accelerating the adoption of new technologies.


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