Ukraine starts exporting electricity to Europe: which countries are first in line

The European energy system ENTSO-E has allowed the commercial export of electricity from Ukraine to Europe since June 30. Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko wrote about this on Facebook.

The initial volume is 100 MW, after a monthly assessment of the impact on the European energy system from ENTSO-E, it can be increased.

The energy system of Ukraine is now able to supply up to 1690 MW of electricity for export, but it is realistic to increase it to 4-5 GW, the minister said.

Generating companies will have equal access to electricity export trade through transparent auctions. “A gradual increase in electricity exports will bring the funds necessary to stabilize the financial condition of the energy market. European countries will be able to provide a more stable energy supply and, most importantly, replace Russian energy resources,” the minister emphasized.


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