Ukrainian artists to present gesography in New York – a new art type invented in Ukraine

An exhibition of Lviv artists Oleg and Oleksandr Denysenko will open in Manhattan, New York, on May 20. The exhibition entitled “ANTIQVITAS NOVA” (“New Antiquity”) is an artistic journey of Oleg Denisenko: from ancient techniques of engraving, sculpture and painting to the invention of a new art form – geography, created in tandem with his son Alexander.
The symbol of the exhibition was the painting “Successful Hunting”, depicted on the poster. It is an allusion to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and an allegorical depiction of the free and independent people of Ukraine, the full owner of their land. The slogan of the Ukrainians “Will of Peace” hints at a well-known truth: “If you love peace, prepare for war.” A barbaric Russian bear, conquered by a Ukrainian soldier, met its fate. The spear crowns the trident that pierces the bear’s head and thus becomes a prediction of the fate of the aggressor.


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