Good hackers hacked the bad ones and returned $9 million in cryptocurrency to the Nomad project

After the hack, which happened on August 1 this year, the Nomad project lost $ 152 million in fiat money. However, after a few days, some of the amount was returned, as announced on Twitter.

Five days ago, Nomad, the bridge that provides transfers between Ethereum, Avalanche, Moonbeam, Evmos and Milkomeda, was hacked. As a result, black hat hackers got $152 million by withdrawing it in various digital currencies like Ethereum, WBTC, DAI, CQT. According to data from cybersecurity firm PeckShield, digital assets were sent to 41 wallets, 7 of which turned out to be bots, and 6 addresses were linked to white hat hackers.

After that, Nomad began its own investigation, and also created an address to which it asked for a refund. Some white hat hackers are known to have recovered $3.75M in USDC, $2M in USDT, $1.4M in CQT, and $1.2M in FRAX. Nomad tracked the addresses from which the funds came, and most, but not all, were on the list of those to whom the assets were sent after the hack. It is likely that some of the funds came from other sources, possibly as a result of a hack by hackers who stole the cryptocurrency on August 1.


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