Lyudmila Fishchuk: We invest in the style, comfort and durability of our clothes

Today, we had the pleasure of speaking with Lyudmila, the creative force behind the Lucie brand. She shared her journey from being a dedicated mother and loving wife to a flourishing entrepreneur. Lyudmila also opened up about her hobbies and how they shape her professional life. Let’s dive into the influence of her personal experiences on the creative evolution of her brand.

Lyudmila, could you share with us how you embarked on your journey as the founder of the Lucie brand? What sparked the idea to create your own clothing line?

The inspiration to launch my own brand struck during my pregnancy in 2021. With ample time at hand, I was able to establish production processes and immerse myself in creative work. The immediate sell-out of my first collection fueled my passion, transforming my venture into a crucial part of my life. The appreciation from customers and their growing interest in Lucie propelled me to set higher goals. Today, I’m proud to say that, alongside my team, we’re scaling new heights and moving confidently towards our objectives.

Balancing the roles of a mother, wife, and entrepreneur must be challenging. How do you manage, and what strategies do you use to find equilibrium between your family and professional life?

Balancing these roles comes naturally to me, as each one brings immense joy. The support from my loving husband, the happiness my daughter brings, and the gratitude from our clients all play a significant role in my life.

What does the Lucie brand represent to you? Could you talk about the core values that guide the creation of each piece?

Lucie symbolizes timeless elegance, superior quality, and refined sophistication. It’s a testament to my love for Ukrainian fashion and the quest for perfection. Our brand is committed to using natural fabrics, ensuring expert tailoring, and focusing on intricate details. We aim to craft the ideal basic wardrobe, where each piece complements another effortlessly. Our designs are classic, versatile, and designed to suit any style and persona. From elegant knits to carefully crafted patterns, every element reflects our pursuit of excellence.

With the brand making strides in the digital realm, how do you perceive the impact of the digital world on the fashion industry, and how does it influence Lucie?

The digital world has positively impacted our brand, offering us the chance to showcase our quality globally. Thanks to the digital sphere, the Lucie team is brimming with ideas to expand internationally.

You’ve mentioned drawing energy from skiing and gym workouts. How do these activities inspire your creative process and shape the ethos of your brand?

These activities offer me a break from the daily grind and spark numerous ideas for the brand’s growth. Whether it’s enjoying nature while skiing or focusing on physical workouts at the gym, these moments help me unwind and stimulate fresh creativity.

Lucie has grown significantly since its inception in 2020. What are your future aspirations, particularly regarding the opening of the first offline boutique in Chernivtsi?

Opening a boutique is our immediate goal. Looking ahead, we aim to steer the brand in the best possible direction, crafting a unique narrative and distinctiveness. We’re keen on making our mark on the international scene and plan to establish our presence in other cities across Ukraine and beyond.

Do you blend cultural heritage with contemporary trends in your designs? How do these elements contribute to crafting a unique image for each woman?

Our cultural roots are not just a legacy but a treasure that deserves attention and development. We aim to popularize Ukrainian identity through our brand, carefully integrating our history into contemporary styles. We’re excited about an upcoming collection for Vyshyvanka Day, which we believe our customers will love.

What keeps you motivated, and how do you inspire others?

My motivation stems from my work, small successes, and the desire to achieve more. Fashion inspires people, and in a way, I serve as an example, inspiring others through my actions.

In your view, how does Lucie help each client express her individuality and feel confident and stylish?

We focus on style, comfort, and durability, allowing every woman to express her uniqueness through clothes crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail. These principles guide all our decisions.

Considering the diversity of bodies and sizes, how does your collection cater to plus-size women?

Our collections usually include a few plus-size items, as there’s less demand for large sizes in our brand. However, we offer individual tailoring or knitting services to accommodate personal measurements, which is a significant advantage of our brand.

Finally, does Lucie aim to meet the needs and desires of clients across all body types and sizes in the design process? What steps do you take to ensure inclusivity in the world of fashion?

Indeed, we provide options for individual tailoring or knitting based on customers’ measurements and have introduced larger sizes to our standard size chart. Our comprehensive size chart allows most of our items to be one size, fitting various body types, heights, and sizes, ensuring inclusivity in fashion.


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