Prince William and Prince Charles ‘block’ Prince Andrew’s return to royal duties

Prince Charles and his son Prince William are preventing Prince Andrew from returning to royal duties following a sex scandal.

As you know, after the memorial service for Prince Philip in March 2022, when the Duke of York accompanied his mother in public, his brother Prince Charles and nephew Prince William were very furious and considered it “simply unnecessary”.

The new biography also claims that Duke William of Cambridge has “cut off contact” with his uncle and believes he should be “expelled”.

However, Prince Andrew himself hoped to return to royal life. He appeared the day before during the ceremony of presenting the Order of the Garter. As a member of the Order, he allegedly wanted to attend in public, however Charles and William were known to block his hopes of returning to the royal court.

Queen Elizabeth asked her son to stay out of the public eye “for his own good” as Charles and William feared a backlash.

The royal son, Prince Andrew stepped down from his duties at the end of 2019, saying that his “former connection with Jeffrey Epstein was a serious obstacle in the work of his family”, and in early 2022 the Queen herself stripped her son of titles, as one of the affected women sued accusing the prince of sexual pretensions.


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