Dreams Everywhere: The Life and Values of Anna Lobodenko

Today’s interview features a conversation with the successful and modern Anna Lobodenko. Our discussion delves into her unique experiences and worldviews, which carry strength and significance. Anna shares the importance of cherishing life and how every dream has its weight.

Anna, good day! Could you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you? What do you do? What kind of family were you born into?

Good day! I was born and raised in a family of simple folks in the small town of Nova Kakhovka in Kherson. My father spent a lot of time driving, while my mother worked in a hospital. After finishing 9th grade, I decided to train as a hairdresser. I wanted to study at a medical school, but my parents couldn’t afford it. To continue my education, I had to earn money myself. So, I started working as a florist. After having my daughter, I wanted to change my life. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to be. There were many misunderstandings, but I raised my daughter alone.

Once, online, I came across a psychologist and decided to study this field, starting with self-discovery. For three years, I became deeply interested in psychology and personal therapy. Now, I live with my family in Germany, where we’re temporarily based, and I’m trying to learn the language.

How would you describe your main goal and mission in life?

This question is difficult for me right now, but I want to be free. Perhaps, by my example, I can show that it’s achievable. After all, we don’t know what the future holds.

As a future psychologist, which aspects of psychology particularly interest you, and why did you choose this field?

As I mentioned earlier, I turned to psychology as a tool for breathing life into my further development. What interests me is the deep dive into oneself. There’s an endless amount of interesting things about oneself and answers to all questions related to my soul.

You’re a mother to a daughter. What parenting principles are most important to you?

It’s always about giving her the right to choose and being there for her, regardless of her choices, even if it gives me gray hair (which isn’t so important). Yes, it’s hard, but a child only needs gratitude for life. A healthy gratitude, not like, “I gave birth to you, now you must obey me.” I don’t want my daughter to be convenient for me. She’s now 9 years old, and I, as a mother, learn a lot from her.

Please tell us about your involvement in fundraising for homeless animals. What inspires you in this activity?

I love all animals very much, and I feel very sorry for them. They can’t earn their food; all they need is shelter, kind people, and warmth. They will be truly grateful for it. It’s this simplicity that I love so much.

How do you balance an active lifestyle, sports, travel, and your responsibilities as a mom?

I travel with my daughter and enjoy spending time with her. I want her to learn freedom and the right to have what she wants, to see beautiful landscapes and rest. Thankfully, I have my mother, who helps and supports me when I need to go on business trips or when I’m engaged in sports, etc. Unfortunately, time flies so fast, and it always seems like she’s growing up too quickly, and I can’t spend enough time with her. I feel like I give her too little, so I try to hug her more often.

One of your passions is modeling. What aspects of this art are important to you?

Honesty – both from the agency and from myself. From the agency, it’s about providing accurate information and answers to questions without hiding important details.

For myself, it includes giving my all in front of the camera and beyond. It’s about sincerity and openness in my feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Participating in the beauty contest for successful women, Mrs. Ukraine International, what was it like for you?

Participating in the “Mrs. Ukraine International” beauty contest was like a real-life fairy tale, akin to Cinderella’s story.

I’ve always loved this fairy tale, and as a child, I watched beauty pageants on TV with admiration, always dreaming of participating and showing myself in a beautiful dress. And then this opportunity opened up for me, and I gladly took it. As they say, “seize the moment.”

How do these contests impact your life and the opportunity to help other women?

I believe that participating in such a contest is a wonderful opportunity to express oneself, see oneself from a different angle, and identify one’s positive sides and possibilities. We often don’t realize how unique and beautiful we are due to our insecurities or complexes. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to accept and develop them. I want women to not be afraid to take risks, to believe in themselves, and always inspire others to achieve their goals. And I want to prove this by my example.

What are you dreaming about?

I’m going to cry now… Because my dream is not another trip, not expensive purchases, and not even my career. Right now, my main dream is to have the opportunity, even just for one day, to visit my native but now-occupied town and visit my father’s grave, who passed away at the beginning of the war. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even say goodbye to him. This dream is hugely significant to me, showing that the most precious thing in life is life itself and the opportunity to be with loved ones while you still can. Unfortunately, I am not alone with such dreams; there are 7 million of us Ukrainians scattered around the world, dreaming only of seeing their homeland, and for many, this has become an unattainable dream. So of course, my top dream is peace for Ukraine.


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