Kalush Orchestra are raffling off a pink panama hat and a microphone in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

All funds will be directed to help the army.

The Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra, which won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 on May 14, is raffling off the trophies from the competition – the legendary pink panama hat of the group’s soloist Oleg Psyuk and a glass microphone. All funds from the charity auction will be directed to help the army through the showman and volunteer Sergei Prytula’s charitable foundation, with which the Kalush Orchestra group has entered into a cooperation agreement.

Sergiy Prytula said that the price for a panama hat with sweat and tears of Eurovision winner Oleg Psyuk is 200 UAH (or 5 euros).

To take part in the draw, you need to transfer money to the bank account indicated in the publication. For every 200 hryvnia, the name of the participant will be entered into the table, from which the winner will then be randomly selected. The more contributions a person makes, the greater the chance of winning.


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