Rapper Snoop Dogg launches dog and cat clothing brand

51-year-old American hip-hop singer, producer and actor Snoop Dogg has launched his own line of clothing and accessories for pets Snoop Doggie Doggs.

The rapper created the collection in collaboration with the Little Earth Productions brand, which specializes in the production of items for pets.

It is known that the first line of Snoop Doggie Doggs includes 28 items designed for dogs and cats. The rapper said that he and his wife Shante have always loved animals. He also noted that “the loyalty to pets continues to grow with our children and grandchildren.”

“We have something for every size, breed, puppies boys and girls. We’ve tested the clothes, bowls and accessories on our dogs so when we say it’s Dogg approved, it really is,” the musician said.

The design of the line is based on Snoop’s lifestyle and fashion. The first capsule included leashes, collars, toys, bowls, jerseys, bandanas, baseball caps, jackets and hats. One of the flagship items is a large metallic gold bowl, and the hoodie will come with a chain that is reminiscent of rap culture. Prices range from $18 for toys to $90.

Snoop Doggie Doggs merchandise is available on Amazon, where pet owners will find clothes, toys, accessories and bowls for their furry friends.


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