Sasha Ray: I believe that there are no hopeless situations

They do say a gifted person is good at everything. Sasha Ray is a bright confirmation of this. She is a famous blogger, an extremely talented singer, and also a successful restaurateur. In the exclusive interview, Sasha tells us about her path to success and ways to overcome difficulties and shared her plans for the future.

Sasha, I suggest starting from the beginning. Is becoming a singer a childhood dream or a happy coincidence?

First of all, of course, this is a childhood dream, but it also could not have happened without a happy coincidence, because without a chance meeting with my first producer, my dream would have remained a dream and I would still think that it is almost impossible and I don’t have enough talent to do it.

Do you continue to develop further as a singer? What are your musical plans?

Unfortunately, the last few years in my musical career have been a complete lull due to many circumstances. Still, nevertheless, I resumed my vocal lessons and I want to record some new songs in Ukrainian and English.

You were the first to open a Slavic cuisine restaurant in the UAE. How did this idea come about? What inspired you to get into the restaurant business?

My childhood dream pushed me again, I was always fond of cooking and was interested in the restaurant business, later I even received a second higher education in the field of hospitality. And since Dubai was still a developing city at the time when I moved there, there were a lot of unfilled niches in the restaurant business, including not a single restaurant with our cuisine of a good level.

You are not only a successful singer and restaurateur, but you also run a popular blog on Instagram. What do you see as your mission in blog development?

Instagram has always been my hobby, I didn’t even think that it could turn into something serious – at first, it was just a hobby to share beautiful photos from beautiful places and I didn’t think that Instagram could carry some significant mission in itself. Later, when people began to contact me with requests to place information about their business in my profile more and more often, I realized the importance of Instagram in our time. Probably one of my main missions is to show people the truth in whatever direction it is.

You are a creative person, which means you constantly need inspiration and the right mood. What fills you up?

That’s right, without inspiration, it is very difficult for us, creative people. Traveling, beautiful events, and new acquaintances inspire me the most.

For the premiere in Cannes, you wore a luxurious dress made in two colors – pale yellow and pale blue, which resembled the flag of Ukraine. This fantastic outfit conquered many of the world’s media and became world famous. Tell us who worked on this look.

Yes, this year I could not walk the red carpet otherwise. My friend Kim, who is a designer and owner of the Parisian haute couture brand, offered to sew dresses for the red carpet for me, and I immediately said that I was open to any dress design, but my main wish was that it be in the colors of the flag of Ukraine. In the end, she came up with this incredible design that was remembered by everyone in Cannes.

You are running several successful projects at the same time. Tell me, what emotion are you guided by in business?

My emotion in business is to do only what you enjoy, what inspires you, then you can handle anything because everything is for the sake of your favorite business, in which you see yourself and which motivates you.

How do you deal with difficulties? Do you have any special secrets to dealing with obstacles that appear on your way?

The common secret is not to forget that there are no hopeless situations, that any difficulties are temporary, and that there are always several options for solving any problem. I had situations of complete despair, I confess, when everyone simply told me that they could not help me, the solution to the problem came absolutely unexpectedly. Difficulties make us stronger and give us the opportunity to expand the boundaries of our consciousness and climb another step higher.

How do you see your life in 10 years?

You know, if I had been asked this question a couple of years ago, I would probably have clearly described how I see my career, family life, place of residence, etc. But the last year has shown that life is sometimes very unpredictable and you can plan anything, but life will still turn you in its own direction.

Therefore, now I think it is more important to learn to accept everything that life presents us with gratitude, to be able to discern new opportunities, and be flexible. No matter what my life will be like in 10 years, the main thing is that life is happy.


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