Tesla accuses ex-employee of stealing supercomputer technology

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has filed a lawsuit against former engineer Alexander Yatskov. The company claims that he stole confidential information about the Dojo supercomputer it is developing. This was reported by Bloomberg. Yatskov worked for the company for only four months. He quit shortly before Tesla sued him.

According to Tesla in its lawsuit, Yatskov was hired by the company founded by Elon Musk in January 2022. He was supposed to help develop a cooling system for a supercomputer that gets too hot during operation.

However, after gaining access to classified data on the Dojo project, Yatskov illegally downloaded it to his laptop. When the company tried to catch him doing it, he swapped his laptop for another one to cover his tracks.

On May 2, Yatskov resigned. At parting, he admitted that he downloaded confidential information, but refused to return them, the company said. They also found out that the engineer lied on his resume about his qualifications and work experience.

Now Tesla wants to get Yatskov banned from disclosing classified information through the courts. In addition, the company wants the former employee to compensate her for losses. The agency did not disclose the amount of the claim.

Elon Musk talked about plans to create a Dojo supercomputer a few years ago. It is expected that the development can be presented as early as 2022.

In addition to the supercomputer, the company is working on the Tesla Bot humanoid robot. As planned by Elon Musk, he will do “boring things” for people. The work process of Tesla Bot will be connected with neural networks and the new Dojo supercomputer.


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