“Heating Point” by Lookinich: listen to the new premiere from the star hundred member of “All Together Now”

The track “It Will Warm” was waiting for its time for almost a year, and helped the singer to get out of a depressive state.

Lookinich is far from a beginner in Ukrainian show business. His professional musical career began with participation in the well-known talent show “The Voice of the Country”. Already in 2021, Lookinich took an honorable place in the jury of the national show “All Together Now” and occupied a niche on the pop scene as an ambitious performer who is not afraid of experiments.

The war, as well as a painful and difficult reassessment of own values, did not spare Lookinich like every Ukrainian. “With the start of the full-scale invasion, to be honest, it wasn’t for the music. Many almost finished tracks were put on the shelf, creative apathy and depression took their place”. Lookinich says that he could not write anything new for a long time, and the worst part of this state was the lack of desire to create – against the background of the news, which covered the events in his native country in real time.

“The track “It Will Warm”, which I am presenting today, literally restored my faith in myself. It gave me the push I needed so much for the last year. I realized that we are all one now. And therefore, if I can do something to improve the public mood, it should not be postponed. No one, no occupier or dictator in a bunker, will be able to take Ukraine, our language, Ukrainian singing soul away from us. Actually, I tried to convey these feelings in the song. It creates a light, thoughtful vibe — and helps to relax for a while, close your eyes, and do a kind of reboot. Because now more than ever, we need a lot of strength and resources to continue our work – on the front and in the rear – and bring the joint victory closer.”

Lookinich’s “It Will Warm” is full of optimistic vibes and conveys the important idea that despite everything, each of us has our own story – our memories and emotions that can warm and support in the most difficult moments of life. These memories, people, moments, in fact, as well as the land, the territory on which all this happened, must be preserved, because they are priceless. They are the uninterrupted source of hope and give wings.


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