“Blonde”: what you need to know about the most explicit film about Marilyn Monroe?

Many attempts have been made to film the life and history of Marilyn Monroe, but it seems that no attempt has ever hit the target as accurately as Andrew Dominica’s “Blonde” with Ana de Armas in the title role.

In general, the project was announced back in 2010, and in 12 years the right to perform the Hollywood diva, like a relay baton, managed to pass from Naomi Watts to Jessica Chastain, and from her to the star of Knives Out and No Time to Die.

And although it took more than a decade for the perfect casting, those who have already managed to see one of the most famous blondes in world culture performed by Ana de Armas say that this is match made in heaven.

And the first shots were able to convince even the most pretentious skeptics of this – so “Blonde” became one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and Ana de Armas strengthened her status as an A-list star.

The premiere of the film should take place in early autumn on the Lido Island as part of the competition program of the Venice Film Festival, and then on September 28 on Netflix, to which the picture, however, “reached” not without problems.

Last summer, it became known that the platform’s management did not approve the final version of “Blonde” due to excessive frankness and scenes of rape – Netflix insisted that these frames be cut, but Andrew Dominik was categorically against it. As a result, the premiere of the tape was postponed several times. And although it will end up in the same director’s cut without changes, but with the highest rating of NC-17 – for the first time in the history of the original Netflix projects.


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