Brad Pitt Foundation Forced to Pay $20.5 Million to Residents of Homes He Built

Recently, Brad Pitt has been under the microscope in the media. Thus, the Washington Post reports that the actor’s charitable foundation – Make It Right must pay $ 20.5 million to residents of houses that the organization built for them after Hurricane Katrina near New Orleans.

The fact is that the houses were built in 2007, they were sold at an average price of 150 thousand dollars, but after a while, people affected by the hurricane began to complain about mold in the houses, leaking roofs, breakdowns, and so on.

These payments will become compensation for poor-quality construction. All 107 homeowners will receive $25,000 (the remainder will be distributed among those who have suffered even more from natural disasters).

It is worth noting that the foundation admitted its mistakes (the use of wood unsuitable for climatic conditions). The organization even sued the timber supplier for several years, but in the meantime, the victims filed a class action lawsuit. It took about four years to resolve the conflict. Finally, the parties managed to agree on the amount of compensation payments. The non-profit organization Global Green will control their transfer to residents.


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