Jetson Aero head shows how he flies to work on a personal air car

Tomas Patan, co-founder of Swedish Jetson Aero, demonstrated how he flies to work in his electric air car.

Judging by the description in YouTube, the recording took place on May 21, 2022. In the video, the pilot, probably Tomasz Patan himself, although his face is hidden behind a helmet, boarded a Jetson One electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft on a spacious lawn near a private house, took off, and then flew several kilometers over trees, plains, power lines. Finally, the device made several circles over the office and landed on a special concrete platform.

“It has reduced our travel time by an impressive 88%.

A landmark event for the emerging EVTOL sector. As pioneers, we are focused on pushing the boundaries further during the aviation renaissance,” the Youtube video caption reads.

The New Atlas website drew attention to the fact that the flight of Tomas Patan is not like how most people get to work, because neither high-rise buildings nor other vehicles interfere with it. In addition, the office looks like another home away from civilization, and the developers have created ideal conditions for the takeoff and landing of an air car. New Atlas also reminded that Jetson Aero is not the first company to publicly demonstrate a flight from home to work. In 2019, eHang CEO Hu Huazhi made a similar flight, although journalists doubt that it was his home. The company executive is believed to have flown only a few meters to land on a nearby building in a sparsely populated area.


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