NASA begins its investigation of UFOs, independent of the Pentagon

A special team of NASA scientists led by astrophysicist David Spergel begins work on studying all the existing evidence of the appearance of UFOs on Earth. Scientists are going to collect all available data from civilians, information from the US government, as well as various American organizations and companies. NASA’s main goal is to find out whether these phenomena are of terrestrial or alien origin in order to put a possible end to solving this long-standing mystery, according to New Atlas.

People have been talking about the existence of UFOs for a long time. Many claim to have repeatedly seen unknown flying objects. Similar evidence has already been received from the US military. At the same time, many scientists believe that UFOs do not exist and their appearance is associated with some natural phenomena.

But during a hearing in the US Congress, US Department of Defense intelligence officials presented evidence of 400 UFO sightings by the US military. Then it became known that the Ministry of Defense wanted to deal with all cases of the appearance of “unidentified air phenomena”.

Even before these hearings, the Pentagon released a multi-page document that collected testimonies from people who reported encounters with UFOs and sightings of other paranormal phenomena. In light of recent developments around the search for an answer to the question: what are UFOs and what they really are, NASA decided to create its own scientific team to unravel this mystery. If earlier adherents of the existence of UFOs were considered fans of conspiracy theories, then in recent years these phenomena have begun to be taken more seriously. It is worth recalling a well-known fact when 5 years ago the New York Times published three videos showing unknown flying objects. These objects fell into the frame of the instruments of American military aircraft. Unknown objects moved in the sky at a very high speed and performed such maneuvers that no known aircraft can do. Only a few years later, the Pentagon officially confirmed that these videos are real and the objects depicted on them are real.

Although the Pentagon has vowed to continue its investigation into UFO events, NASA will work separately from the military to find the answer to the long-standing mystery. The space agency wants to collect all available data from civilians, information from the US government, as well as various American organizations and companies regarding UFOs. After that, scientists want to carefully analyze all the available information in order to draw their conclusions. According to the head of the team that will solve the mystery of UFOs at NASA, David Spergel, scientists hope to receive the final results in 9 months. That is, not before the end of winter 2023. But NASA promises that they will make all their data and the results of the investigation public.


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