Subscription service: for heated seats in BMW – 18 euros per month

German carmaker BMW’s ConnectedDrive Store has launched a subscription option in the South Korean market for everything from heated seats to fake engine noises.

Automaker BMW has begun selling some of the options familiar to drivers by subscription. The first market where the new feature appeared was South Korea, where buyers of new BMWs can connect the seat heating option for 18 euros per month, 176 euros per year or 283 euros for three years. An unlimited data plan is offered at a price of 406 euros.

Owners do not have to go to the service or install additional sensors in the car. All you have to do is log in to the BMW ConnectedDrive app, register and pay for the service.

Motorists are offered a similar steering wheel heating service. The monthly tariff is 10 euros, the annual one is 92 euros, for three years of use you will have to pay 161 euros, and for the opportunity to use the service without a time limit – 222 euros.

One of the most unusual features is IconicSounds Sport. It can be used to play fake engine noises through the car’s speakers. There are no monthly or annual subscriptions to this option, and a connection for permanent use costs 138 euros.

BMW owners have the opportunity to subscribe to a DVR that will record everything that happens around the car or in the cabin. A monthly subscription costs 11 euros, for a year you will have to pay 50 euros, and for three years – 113 euros. An unlimited tariff is offered at a price of 244 euros.


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